Controls Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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Self-assessment is a recognized best practice that has been applied to risks and controls for many years. When systematically applied across the organization at the entity and process levels, self-assessment is a pre-determined approach where individuals self-review or self-audit the controls they are responsible for and communicate the results to appropriate management.

This tool outlines self-assessment questions to consider when evaluating an organization’s business processes.

Sample questions include: Which manager is responsible for the accounts payable (AP) process? How many full-time equivalents (FTEs) are in the AP process? How many information system(s) are used in AP processing? Who enters invoices into the system? What is the average number of invoices processed per month? Does anyone review expense accounts later to ensure that there are no unusual items? How are invoices coded? What is the process for requesting checks for payments needed without invoices? Who cuts the checks? Who authorizes check requests?

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